Monday, 9 September 2013

9. Theories 2. Carol Vernallis: The Kindest Cut

Varnallis' theory identifies the differences between a Music Video and through Hollywood Films.

An example shown in this is seen through David Bowie's Life On Mars? This particular music video showcases a series of points which are seen in Vernaillis' Theories.

In Vernallis' Theory, The structure of the music video is at random and thus montage editing is a popular and recurring convention seen throughout music videos. In David Bowie's Life On Mars? music video, There is no sense of continuity as the video is littered with multiple fade to white transitions which give the audience a vague impression of the passage of time.

Continuity Editing like in most hollywood films is also a part of some music videos, for example in Jason Derulo's The Other Side we see continuity editing in the narrative, which is most conventional music videos, the narrative stays in continuity editing whilst the performance is in montage editing, as this creates a fine division between the two. At the begging of this clip we see the beginning of the narrative cut between a series of shots of the performance which then cuts back to the narrative of the video where it plays just where the last clip left off, it also helps to define between the performance and narrative due to the different colours between the lighting (ie, gold and blue/black).

In a studio there is no sense of space nor time, considering most music video performances are shot in a studio or stage, the editing in these areas of the video are jumbled and there is no sense of space or time, this was also apparent in David Bowie's music video and is also a figure seen in N'Sync's Pop music video. As in this clip the viewer has no idea of the location, time or setting of the music video.
The other part to Vernallis' Theory was the Phantasmagorical body, a theory seen that in many pop videos, women are portrayed through their body and proportions, objectifying the women as an object of desire. Many examples of this are critisised due to their sexist views.
In Kylie's 'Spinning Around' Music video, this is present as various close ups of her legs and bust are seen throughout the music video.

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