Thursday, 12 September 2013

10. Genre Research 1.

In our mood board my group have showcased the various conventions and things to expect in our pop rock music video. Many Bands and groups such as Paramore and All Time Low have exotic hairstyles and fashion trends in order to appear individual and to stand out amongst the crowd, this will be seen in our music video as our costume designs will be allocated to the target audience and the conventions seen in the pop rock music genre. Expressive colors and poses are present throughout the Pop rock genre, these showcase the expressive and aggressive conventions of the rock genre whilst the light colours and casual appearance of some artists help reinforce the pop conventions in the genre, in our group's music video, there will be a strong focus on keeping the balance on pop and rock music videos. Most pop rock groups are band, and all play a variety of instruments, this is to show that the content in their song follows the conventions of a rock band and not of a manufactured pop artist. This also shows a sign of creativity in the pop rock genre of music. In our groups music video we will have a strong focus on what the bands appearance is on and off stage.

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