Monday, 17 March 2014

Final Ancillary Products

Final Draft

Our final draft improved some of the shaky camerawork and also changed the pace and style of the editing. This is our final version of the music video with all improvements made to it.

Draft 2

Our second draft to our music video, here we included a background image and green screen backgrounds, however some improvements could be done to some parts of the editing.

First Draft

Here was our firstdraft of our music video, it's the most earliest example of our complete music video and this can be seen due to the lack of extra footage which we used later on in the production, such as including images for the green screen and chroma-key editing for our narrative shots.

Ancillary Tasks

Album Cover- 1st Draft on Photoshop.

A series of photos of a guitar to be used within our second draft of our album cover and album advertisement.
Our second draft of ansillery tasks.

Final draft of our ansillery tasks.

Construction Post 7