Monday, 16 September 2013

11. Genre Research 3 - Analysing three music videos.

Video 1: Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up.

In The music video to Avril Lavigne's Here's to never growing up, we see a variety of conventions which are provided throughout this video.

The first conventions are seen through the establishing shot of the video, this long shot shows three musicians on what looks like a high school band stage, the band members on the stage are not part of Avril's band and are given an overall negetive image. This shows the audience that Avril's music is far superior in comparison to other examples of music, which is a convention in various rock music videos.

The second series of shots seen are a variety of extreme close ups of the artists jewellery and clothes, these along with the establishing shot give the audience an idea to what type of genre Avril's music is along with showcasing some of the traits of the artist and the subculture and audiences which follows the pop rock genre.

A long shot of one of the pupils turning to the camera cuts to a shot of a sihlouette of the artist singing into a megaphone, the shot of the pupil turning his head is to show that the audience is expected to pay attention, much like the characters shown throughout the music video. The megaphone emhisises this as most artists use a microphone, whereas a megaphone indicates that the artist is far more important and requires more attention than the common artist or musician.
Another interesting element seen in this section of the music video is the editing and camerawork, in which each time the musician moves her knee down in a stomping motion, the camera quickly zooms in and out rapidlly, this is cut to the beat of the song and also creates a more powerful impact upon each beat, that the music is part of the video rather than just a track placed over the video.

When the artist is present and lipsyncing as expected, a lot of conventions are apparent. In the long shots of the artist and the band, the camera is only focused onto the artist and the band members do not fit into the frame, and throughout the music video we see the artist lipsync directly to the camera in a variety of shot sizes, the one thing that stays the same is that the artist is the center of attention inthis music video.

Intercut between the shots of the artist performing to the camera are shots of the narrative, the narrative is set in a school prom in a school hallway and follows the various members and students of the prom cheering and dancing to the artist's music. The narrative promotes the artists music and also links to the title of the song 'Here's To Never Growing Up', the use of a narrative to protray the themes of a song is a major convention to any music video.

 Music Video 2: Paramore - Now

Music Video 3: Busted - Year 3000

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