Thursday, 11 July 2013

2. Analysis of Pop Videos 1.

Camerawork: The Camerawork throughout the music video follows the general conventions of any other music video by placing a variety of establishing shots though the intro of the song, this  is to give the viewer a glance at the various locations seen in the music video, it also gives the audience a first look at the various situations the musicians are seen in.

In addition there is a variety of mid shots, close ups with very few long shots of the singers (it's also an interesting point to add that none of the composers of the instrumental are seen in this music video, only the two singers), these shots normally show the artist's lip syncing to the song, especially during the hook/chorus. The Camera tends to be a bigger shot when the two singers are in one of the many cutaways seen throughout the song.

The Movement of the camera is vivid and represents the fast paced editing a life which the two singers seem to live (as far as the music video tells us) as the shaky camera is constantly moving along with the edit cutting, in addition the camera's movement around the singers always holds them as the point of focus.

Mise' en scene: As any other conventional pop song uses mise en scene, I love it's music video  uses several locations and the musicians change their costumes with each scene, which links in the rest of the erratic direction. These include an empty street in what seems to be London in which the two singers are dressed in a series of smart dresses garnished with ribbons in contrasting colors. In another the scenery and clothing is completely different, in which the two singers are now in a small hotel room in more casual clothing.

Editing: The editing like in the majority of conventional music video's is montage, the music video cuts between scenes, lip sync's and cutaways at an almost random pace, and as previously said, keeps into the theme. Filters and color correction have also been used through the music video (again, at a random variation)

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